Recent information from the BMC gives only basic details so I thought I’d give a RoCs meets update based on my understanding of the current rules. The government have said these dates are the earliest possible, but fingers crossed we’ll keep to them.


Step 1 – 29 March: We can meet outdoors in groups of up to six (the ‘rule of six’). We can travel outside our local area, but not stay overnight. This means we could make informal arrangements to travel separately and meet up at Fairy Cave or the Dorset coast. Because of the rule of six, club meets wouldn’t be possible.

Step 2 – 12 April: Camp sites and indoor climbing walls reopen. Rule of six still applies so still no club meets.

Step 3 – 17 May: We can now meet in groups of up to six indoors and up to thirty outdoors. So we can share transport and have meets where we camp but not indoor accommodation.

Step 4 – 21 June: All restrictions finish. We can have meets with any type of accommodation.


What this means for the existing meets calendar (such as it is!):

8-15 May Keswick            Can’t go ahead; hopefully we can postpone to autumn

20-23 May Dartmoor     We have 6 pitches for 18 tents booked at Langstone Manor. Book your slot on the meets page now!

10-12 June Roaches        We can’t stay in the hut (again!) but Patrick is seeing if we can take over Hazel Barrow campsite again.

23-30 June Llanberis      We’ll be able to stay at Cae’r Fran climbing hut as planned.

1-4 July Peaks                   Book your pitch for between 1 & 5 people and a car using the North Lees Website and post on the meets page now!


So (hooray!) from mid-May we can have a proper meets calendar, which I’ll start putting together with your help – please let me know if you’d be happy to organise one…


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