27/01/2022 – 30/01/2022 all-day

This Annual trip to the snow clad mountains of North Wales (hopefully) will allow any RoCs member to experience some easy winter mountaineering challenges without having to travel up to Scotland. We will be camping at Capel Curig in the 1* site next to the Bryn Tyrch Hotel on the A5, just before reaching the shops at Capel Curig. Camping conditions can be a bit windy and exposed sometimes, but not as bad as in the Ogwyn Valley. If you have a reasonable tent and a winter sleeping bag you will be fine. There are alternative options for accommodation on site in one of the small bunk rooms where light and a bed is supplied with mattress only. (Assuming it is open, if not we will use the alternative campsite down the road at Dolgam Farm, near the river, which has been known to be a bit wet in the past!). There are also bunk rooms available in the Rocks Hostel adjacent to the campsite or a room in the Bryn Tyrch Hotel (phone 01690 720223 to make your booking), for the less hardy climber. Hannah is considering booking the Bryn Brethynau Barn hut which we used this year. Please state if you are camping, using the hut or making your own arrangements in one of the other options.

As it is a winter trip, bring with you suitable winter warm and waterproof clothing, a decent pair of mountaineering boots, crampons and a walking axe as a minimum set of gear. Quite often the snow does not settle (or even arrive) so then it can be a bit wet and wild. Be prepared to bring waterproof trousers and jacket and a set of dry clothes for the pub in the evening.

We do not need to book places for the campsite, but if the weather is forecast to be really high wind or heavy rain for the weekend, we may well cancel at the last moment, so be aware of this if booking rooms or paying a deposit for a room in the hotel or bunk house off site to the camping area.

Patrick and I will probably go up Thursday morning and return Sunday afternoon. Travel plans will be confirmed nearer the time depending on who is attending. Post if you are interested in joining the Winter crew on this mad adventure full of fun, possibly some winter mountaineering and more than likely a good time in the pub.

Organiser: Pete /Hannah

Members Camping:

  1. Pete (organising Camping)
  2. Patrick

Members in a Hut

  1. Hannah (organising Hut)
  2. Jim
  3. Steve

Undecided accommodation choice!

  1. Matt
  2. Kirsty (To confirm if attending)



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    • There is a hot shower when you get home, assuming that you have a hot shower at home. The last time that I had a shower at our preferred camp site in Capel Curig I decided that it was pretty much the least pleasant experiences of my adult life (and there have been quite a few of those so it was up against some stiff competition).

      Ignore the above Stephen! It’s a great trip to start the year and I think that 2022 is going to be really good climbing trip wise.

      • Hi Patrick
        Given the vagaries of Snowdonia winter weather and from many past experiences the odds are probably more likely for wet stuff at some point over the period we are there. So whilst it would be great to camp if the conditions were cold and crisp I think on balance, given the option is there, then I would probably opt for some indoor accommodation!!

        • To be honest, you have to be bloody mad to camp at this time of the year. Pete and I are clearly not totally sane in this respect so alternatives seen entirely rational.

  1. Looks like there are going to be a few of us again. It would be handy if we know roughly who is camping and who is in a hut, so we can sort out with the campsite how many are in a tent. I will check out our usual “wild camping” site at Capel Curig nearer the time (probably after Xmas ) to ensure they are open. Sometimes they have stayed closed if it is really cold due to frozen pipes etc, and we will then use the alternative site down the road (Dolgam farm site) which is more sheltered but has been known to be a bit damp due to the water table being about an inch above the grass level. I will list people in two groups to clarify the accommodation arrangements. I think Hannah is playing with the idea of hiring the Bryn Brethynau Barn hut which was used in the summer as it is cheaper than the Rocks hostel at Plas Curig and we would have sole occupancy of it.

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