24/09/2021 – 26/09/2021 all-day

Another chance this year to get your hands on the excellent friction of gritstone!

Organiser: Matt


  1. Matt (Thursday – Sunday)
  2. Pete (Thursday – Sunday)
  3. Patrick (Thursday – Sunday)
  4. Sarah
  5. Tony
  6. Ivan
  7. Kirsty
  8. Hannah?
  9. Helen
  10. Adam Fish
  11. John H



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  1. North Lees is probably most convenient, cheap, and currently showing good availability. Am I right in thinking our recent trips there have been pay-in-advance, book your own space affairs? I’m prepared to take the risk with the weather and book up, ideally Thursday – Sunday.

  2. Yes North Lees is still operating a booking scheme. You have to pay in advance and book a slot either for a number of people (from 1 to a max of 5) and a car, or you can just book a person or persons without a car, if someone else in your transport group has already booked a car slot. Depending on who is going when, we will have to decide how to do this. Who ever makes the booking has to pay up front the full cost and get the money back from the others. I am happy to travel up Thursday or Friday and stay till Sunday, either as a passenger or as a driver, taking two others in my small-ish car.

  3. I have discussed travel plans with the organiser and as he has still failed to:-
    1. Pass his test
    2. get a car
    we (myself and Matt) plan to travel up Thursday and return Sunday in my car. We can squeeze another person in if I fit my top box, as my small boot cannot take all my gear and two others as well as 3 people.

    Looks like booking is best so go to the North Lees website, book a pitch (options of with or without a car) and pay in advance. Obviously the car driver chooses ‘with a car’ and all passengers choose ‘without a car’ option, unless a car load all book in one name (up to 5 people) and sort out payments to each other afterwards.

  4. I think a couple of years ago when North Lees was full, we stayed at Swallowholme Caravanning and Camping. I might try book in there, but will touch base with Matt first, as I don’t know where he’s at with plans.

  5. Patrick is now taking myself and Matt up on Thursday and returning Sunday. We are booked into North Lees. Hope anyone not able to get in there can find somewhere near by to sleep.

  6. Can everyone who’s coming post on here or my Facebook post to say what their eating preference is for each night. A few of us are keen to go to the nice Indian in Hope again (including Hannah who is planning on heading back Saturday pm, so thinking Friday for Indian). The other nights I suspect some or all will want to eat at the Little John in Hathersage. So I’m going to book Little John for Thursday and Saturday, Curry Cabin for Friday, so please post to say which of these you would attend, or if you plan to eat at the campsite etc. Thanks.

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