25/07/2021 all-day
Fairy Cave Quarry

This meet is aimed at outdoor novices and anyone else who needs to ease themselves back into climbing after a long layoff, although all club members will be very welcome. Fairy Cave is one of our favourite ‘local’ venues and is about an hour and forty minutes from Romsey.

There are many lower-grade routes to learn or refresh techniques and plenty of harder routes, virtually all on amenably-angled slabs, if you want to push yourself.

Organiser: John H

Members going:

  1. John H
  2. Jonathan M
  3. Duncan P
  4. Mark G
  5. Darren
  6. Dave R

11 Responses

  1. Fairy Cave parking is limited and we should share transport if possible. I suggest the three Romsey members get together and leave at 08.00 to travel up to The Guild Shopping Village at Wilton, SP2 0RS (free parking – we’ve used it plenty of times before) to meet the others at 08.40. From there we can continue in the fewest number of vehicles.

  2. As it is forecast rain showers and the possibility of thunder (and lightning?) I have decided not to go. Maybe it will be ok as Mr. Horton is going but for me, not worth the risk.

  3. I could be persuaded either way, I lie in would be good or chance it.

    Mark/Darren I’ll check here and Facebook later. Note that I’m not experienced belaying lead, so if there’s only two of us it would be top rope only and I don’t have rope or much kit for setting anchors.

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