16/06/2022 – 19/06/2022 all-day


For this annual Dartmoor meet we will be staying at the usual “glamping value” site at Langstone Manor, Moortown PL19 9JZ about 2 miles east of Tavistock on the western edge of Dartmoor in the grounds of an old manor house. We have used this site for many years and we know the owners very well. The facilities are excellent with good shower, toilets and washing up, clothes washing and drying, as well as an onsite shop, bar, lounge and eating facilities. The owners are Jane and David. (See the website www.langstonemanor.co.uk).

The contact details for the site are 01822 613371 and  www.langstonemanor.co.uk.

As well as camping, there are some wooden Pods with power and lighting for the less hardy climbers. You will still need to bring sleeping bag, mattress and cooking gear. If you wish to book a Pod, please do this yourself as I will only be booking camping places with Jane. There will probably be a deposit to be paid for a Pod, so book early to ensure a bed for the night. Be aware that if we have to cancel at the last minute due to bad weather you may lose your deposit on a Pod booking. Please let me know if you are camping or using a Pod so I know how many camping spaces to book.


We advise you also bring along wet weather walking gear in case the weather turns damp as there are many miles of Dartmoor to explore if we cannot climb. All that is required is a waterproof coat, over trousers, some walking boots and a small ruck sac for food etc.

Organiser: Pete T

Members going:

  1. Pete Telling -Thursday – Sunday (3 nights)
  2. Patrick Manuel – Thursday – Sunday (3 nights)
  3. Lindsey Malone- Thursday – Sunday (3 nights)
  4. Roland Manuel- Thursday – Sunday (3 nights)
  5. Rachel Searle – Thursday – Sunday (3 nights)
  6. John Duffield  Thursday – Sunday (3 nights)
  7. Ivan Kileff – Thursday – Sunday (3 nights)
  8. Matt Lovesey – Thursday – Saturday (2 nights)
  9. Jim Kearn -Thursday – Saturday (2 nights)
  10. John Knight – Thursday – Saturday (2 nights)
  11. Kirsty Chapman – Thursday – Saturday (2 nights)
  12. Jamie McCready – Friday – Sunday (2 nights)
  13. Caron Gaisford -Day trip on Thursday/Friday/Saturday
  14. Darren & Naomi Waters -Day trip on Sunday

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    • Hi Jim I will assume you need a camping pitch when I contact the campsite but if you need a pod then that is not a problem. You will need to book this yourself ahead of the meet. They go very quickly. I will only be booking camping slots.

  1. Hi everyone, I will be booking camping slots with Jane and David soon, so hopefully it will be the usual arrangement of them allocating a number of connected pitches suitable for all of us to fill as we like. It is based on all of us having small tents (ie 2 or 3 person), so they usually allow 2 or 3 tents per pitch depending on where they put us. If you are planning to bring a large tent ie a family sized one, please let me know as that will take up a whole pitch and cost us a bit more for the booking. I will be booking soon as June gets quite busy there. We will also be eating in the restaurant on site as it is convenient and the pubs in Tavistock are not brilliant from our experiences in the past. I will need to book table(s) so I will assume we will all be eating there each evening (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) They are usually quite flexible so if anyone wishes to do something different (home cook, drive to a pub or not eat at all) then that will not cause too much of a problem. Numbers for camping and eating can be adjusted nearer the time. I will find out how much the camping per person per night is. Last year it was about £7, but it may be a bit more now.

  2. I have booked 3 pitches with the campsite for 9 campers, so if more people join the meet we can ask for extra pitches. The cost is still only £7 per person per night for a small 2 / 3 person tent!!

    • Hi Caron, will you be in a tent or in your camper van. If in the van, please make a booking directly with the campsite to confirm a slot. I am only booking tent pitches.

  3. I would like to come! 🙂
    I can come for all days from Thurs 16 to Sun 19 (3 nights). I would like to camp and have a 2-3 man tent. I would need to be setting off on the Thursday after 9am and ideally from 10am onwards.

  4. I’d like to come but need to be back for Sunday (so ideally head back Saturday pm), so being reliant on lifts it really depends if anyone else is heading back early, otherwise I’ll have to skip this one.

  5. As we now have possibly 14 people going so far I have asked the campsite to add 2 more pitches so we will have 5 to occupy. If any other members wish to join us please post now and do not leave it too late. State which nights you are staying and confirm if you are camping. If you wish to use a camper van or pod, please book your own slot or pod directly with the campsite. I am only booking camping slots for tents.

    • Jane has confirmed we have 5 pitches reserved. If you wish to use a Pod, she has asked for that to be either booked on line or you can phone to secure the booking. I think the same applies for a camper van slot, especially if you require a pitch with a hook-up, as they are limited and popular with caravans.

  6. I have reserved 14 places in the on-site restaurant for everyone assuming we are all happy to eat on site each night. From previous experiences the pubs etc in Tavistock and surrounding areas are not easy to book up or are a bit hit and miss, so eating on site is cheaper, convenient , and has good food, run by a local company. As there are 14 of us at this point in time, booking slots is a must as it gets filled quite quickly.

  7. Caron is not using the campsite so she will be calling in possibly Thursday and also Friday & Saturday for day trip climbing. If anyone is planning to arrive early Thursday please contact her to tell her where you are climbing on Thursday. She will also plan to join us for climbing Friday and Saturday.

  8. Hi Pete, late notice I know but would it still be possible for me to join, would be camping Thursday to Saturday? Nae worries, if not. Also, sorry to be a pain, but could you reply to me on FB: either messenger or the club page? – busy week coming up and I’m more likely to see that. 🙂

  9. I have created a Whats App group and added all the listed people here. This is so as we approach the start date we can easily communicate to everyone to arrange travel plans and lift sharing, and also while we are in Dartmoor, we are able to easily chat to each other if we are separated travelling to and from the crag or to make arrangements as to where we are climbing etc.

  10. I am happy to drive and take 2 others Thursday morning and return Sunday pm. Let me know if you want a lift.

    Just to clarify for those new to this meet. I have reserved 5 pitches for tents adjacent to each other. When you arrive, please go to the office and tell them you are a Romsey Climber and have a reservation in my name. They will charge you £7 a night per person and show you where the 5 pitches are. If you are first arriving make sure you position your tent on the pitch to allow others to share it. There are 13 campers all in 12 small/medium tents to fit on the 5 pitches, so do not hog a pitch!!

  11. I have received this message from the team at Langstone Manor campsite.

    “Dear Pete Telling,
    We are looking forward to welcoming you at Langstone Manor Park on the 16 Jun 22. Check in is from 12pm to 9pm, on arrival please ring the bell at reception. Remember, if you are travelling in a large vehicle to use the directions on our website and not to use satnav!
    Have a good journey and we will see you at Langstone Manor Park soon!
    From the Team at Langstone Manor Park,
    Ann, Matt, Jane C, Russ, Jane & Dave”

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