Experienced Meets

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Apr 26 – Apr 28 all-day

This meet will combine a Day of Sport Climbing in Cheddar Gorge on the Saturday followed by a Day of Trad Climbing at Fairy Cave on the Sunday.

(There is a separate Meets page if you just want to come along to Fairy Cave)

Cheddar has a a bit of a reputation for being Polished – some of it is but there are still some good climbs, it just makes it a bit more fun. In terms of grades there isn’t that much below a 5 so i would say it probably best if you can climb grade 5 and above.

Accommodation: TBC, but most likely to be camping unless i can find a local bunkhouse.

Meet organiser: Jon G

Members attending are:

  1. Jon G
  2. Matt
  3. Hannah
Baggy Point – Experienced
Oct 11 – Oct 13 all-day

This is an ‘Experienced climber’ weekend, aimed at members climbing confidently at or above Severe.

Meet organiser: Jon G

Members attending:

  1. Jon G