Wye Valley – September

04/09/2020 – 06/09/2020 all-day

Meet organiser: Ivan

The Wye Valley is a brilliant place to climb!  Wintours Leap really does have something for everyone from total beginners to seasoned rock apes; Single pitch, multi-pitch, trad, sports and at all grades too.  If you want a safe introduction to multi-pitch climbing in a great setting then this is the place to do it.  The rock is quarried limestone, not too polished and generally fairly sound.  To top it all off there are spectacular views of the river Wye and the surrounding countryside to be had – watching the sun go down over the Wye is to die for (not literally of course!).  There are also the crags at Wyndcliff, Ban y Gor (mostly sport), Shorn Cliff and Symonds Yat, amongst others, to enjoy in the vicinity if you prefer.

Members attending:

  1. Ivan
  2. Sarah
  3. Tony
  4. Mandy
  5. Hannah
  6. Matt

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10 Responses to Wye Valley – September

  1. Ivan says:

    Count me in, please Patrick 🙂

  2. Sarah Beasley says:

    Count Tony & I in for this

  3. Mandy Chapman says:

    Definitely loved climbing here

  4. Hannah says:

    Yes please.

  5. Matthew Lovesey says:

    I could now make this, if it goes ahead. For some reason the festival I was meant to be going to has been cancelled…

  6. Ivan says:

    Hi Patrick, I’ve just clocked that this isn’t too far away now, I’m hoping it’s still going ahead? Presuming we’re going to be camping?

    • John Horton says:

      Patrick can’t make it now. He was intending camping at Elmsdale Camping – http://www.camping-and-caravan.co.uk/ – so it just needs someone to coordinate things and give the site a call…

      • Ivan says:

        ok cool, thanks John, I’ll give the campsite a call and set an event up on Facebook

        • Patrick says:

          Patrick (and Ro) can make it now as Clare realised that the caravan trip she had planned for that weekend clashed with one of her psychotherapist coven meetings. We (Ro and I) plan to head up on Friday and back on Sunday.

          I contacted the camp site (Elmsdale Camping) yesterday morning before I realised that Ivan had picked up the reins. They should be able to accommodate us, I said that someone would get back to them with dates / numbers.

  7. Patrick says:

    The Cross Keys Inn at Goodrich has been booked for 19:00 on Friday and Saturday evenings. Table for six to accommodate two groups of two-member bubbles!

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