10/06/2021 – 13/06/2021 all-day
The Roaches
Rockhall Cottage
Upper Hulme, Leek ST13 8UB

We’ve got limited beds available (up to six)  at the Don Whillans hut due to Covid restrictions. The rest of us will be at Hazel Barrow Farm (Hazel Barrow Farm holidays | Facebook), about a mile from the crags, either camping or in the bunkhouse.

Organiser: Patrick

Who’s going:

1 Patrick (Thursday-Tuesday) camping
2 Ro (Thursday-Tuesday) camping
3 Pete (Thursday-Tuesday with Patrick or Friday-Sunday with Helen) camping 
4 Helen (Friday-Sunday) camping
5 Charlotte (Friday-Sunday)
6 Caron (?)
7 Matt (Thursday-Sunday)
8 Ivan (Thursday-Sunday)
9 Mandy (Thursday-Sunday)
10 Jim K (Thursday-Sunday)
11 Hannah (possibly Thursday-Sunday)
12 Kirsty (possibly)
13 John D (camping)
14 Neil (Thursday- Sunday)hut
15 Naomi (Friday - Sunday) hut
16 Tony (Thursday - Sunday) camping
17 Boyd (Thursday - Sunday) hut

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  1. The DW memorial hut is awesome and a total must to stay in at least once – but I also love my tent! I contacted Hazel Barrow Farm (our camp site of choice for the area) yesterday and have provisionally booked the weekend for Pete, Ro and myself. If enough people are interested then we could probably get exclusive use of the site for RoCs.

  2. I have tried to contact the camp site to see if we can have exclusive use over the weekend but they have not got back to me yet. I am currently planning to head up on the Thursday and back on the Tuesday after the weekend but I guess most folks will be heading south on the Sunday. Some indication of numbers (I have noted the above) would be really helpful.

    How did I become the trip organiser for this one? I thought I was part of a camping side show!

  3. I have contacted Hazel Barrow Farm and confirmed that RoCs will have sole use of the campsite from the 10th to the 13th of June (that’s the Thursday to the Sunday). The bunk barn will also be available but occupancy may be limited to one family group depending on the COVID restrictions in force at the time of the trip. We don’t have to provide numbers (I said that I thought that there may be about a dozen of us) so we have a fair degree of flexibility. A sticking point might be transport due to limitations on the number of people from separate households that we can have in a car – but it’s far too early to worry about that!

  4. Hi Patrick, if Helen decides to bring Ben in the van, then it may be better if I come with you on Thursday and return on the Tuesday. If Ben decides not to go and Helen is travelling alone, then I will stay with my original plans and travel up with Helen on Friday and return Sunday.

  5. I’m starting to get myself organised for this meet now, so here are few more details –
    The hut is paid for, and we still have one space that I’d very much like to fill. The cost is £12 per night, and there will be plenty of space with only six of us staying.
    Those who are camping will have use of the hut at any time, for tea and coffee at the crag, and for meals as well if you don’t want to eat at the pub or campsite.
    I’m planning a hut meal for everyone on Friday night, and will book the pub for those who want it on Thursday and Saturday.
    We will be charging a small fee for day use of the hut – no more than a fiver for the whole weekend. The hut meal will be about the same cost, depending on what I decide to cook. Payments are going to be taken during or after the event, when we know hut numbers for certain.
    Please leave a comment below to let me know if you would like the Friday night hut feast, and which nights you’d like to eat in the pub.

  6. I’ve got myself organised with payments now –
    Boyd, Ivan, Mandy, Neil – £41
    Charlotte and Naomi – £29
    Everyone else – £5
    The £5 covers tea and coffee at the hut, and a meal on Friday night.
    I know it’s a faff to do a bank transfer for such a small amount, but I’d prefer not to be collecting fivers at the crag.
    My bank details are on the whatsApp group chat. Please put your name as a reference. Thanks.

  7. Hi – sorry im very late to this – I am keen to come on this trip (apologies I thought I commented ages ago!) – id like to camp if there is space? Also count me in for the hut meal and the pub on Saturday night if possible 🙂

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