North Wales – Jan

31/01/2020 – 02/02/2020 all-day

The 1* camping

Organiser – Pete Telling

Pete and Patrick will be doing their “normal” winter camping trip to North Wales with the aim to get in some mountaineering and maybe snow/ice climbing if conditions allow.  As regular RoCs members will know, Pete and Patrick will be insisting on sleeping in their tents in the Capel Curig area.  However, for the more sane RoCs members, there are other accommodation options available from bunk houses and stone barns to pubs with luxurious bedrooms (the Bryn Tyrch – to be recommended).

This Annual trip to the snow clad mountains of North Wales (hopefully) will allow any RoCs member to experience some easy winter mountaineering challenges without having to travel up to Scotland. We will be camping at Capel Curig in the 1* site next to the Bryn Tyrch Hotel on the A5, just before reaching the shops at Capel Curig. Camping conditions can be a bit windy and exposed sometimes, but not as bad as in the Ogwyn Valley. If you have a reasonable tent and a winter sleeping bag you will be fine. There are alternative options for accommodation either on site in one of the small bunk rooms where light and a bed is supplied (with mattress). There are also bunk rooms available in the Hostel adjacent to the campsite or a room in the Bryn Tyrch Hotel (phone 01690 720223 to make your booking), for the less hardy climber.

As it is a winter trip, bring with you suitable winter warm and waterproof clothing, a decent pair of mountaineering boots, crampons and a walking axe as a minimum set of gear. Quite often the snow does not settle (or even arrive) so then it can be a bit wet and wild. Be prepared to bring waterproof trousers and jacket and a set of dry clothes for the pub in the evening.

We do not need to book places for the campsite, but if the weather is forecast to be really high wind or heavy rain for the weekend, we may well cancel at the last moment, so be aware of this if booking rooms or paying a deposit for a room in the hotel or bunk house off site to the camping area.

Patrick and I will go up Thursday morning and return Sunday afternoon. Travel plans will be confirmed nearer the time depending on who is attending. Post if you are interested in joining the Winter crew on this mad adventure full of fun, possibly some winter mountaineering and more than likely a good time in the pub.

Members attending are:-

  1. Pete T – organiser (camping) Thursday morning – Sunday
  2. Patrick – sub organiser  (camping) Thursday morning – Sunday
  3. Matt ??(camping) Thursday morning – Sunday
  4. Hannah (Hostel) Thursday eve- Sunday
  5. Mandy (Hostel) Thursday eve – Sunday
  6. Boyd (Hostel) Thursday eve – Sunday
  7. Jim (Hostel) Thursday eve – Sunday
  8. John Knight (maybe) (camping) Friday – Sunday TBC

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28 Responses to North Wales – Jan

  1. Mandy Chapman says:

    Interested : ) will probably camp for cheaper option

    • Pete says:

      Hi Mandy, when will you be travelling up and back, so we can sort out travel plans. Looks like there will be two cars, one going up Thursday morning (Patrick, Ro, myself, and Hannah?) and one going up Thursday eve (Boyd & Jim).
      Not confirmed when or if Matt is going yet.

  2. Boyd Ghosh says:

    Interested in coming. I will email you directly Pete as may not be able to come….

  3. Patrick says:

    Are you all bonkers? Usually only Pete and myself are mad enough to sign-up for this one! We have never had eight on this trip before.

    We will need to discuss transport at some stage; I can sensibly fit four in my truck along with the associated camping and climbing gear so eight would be pushing it. Jim: Would it be possible for you to provide transport for anyone else?

  4. Hannah says:

    I’d love a lift if that’s ok, but also happy to drive if we have another car full.

  5. Patrick says:

    So what would we all like to get out of the trip? With this number of people going it would be helpful to know what folks aspirations are to enable us to do some planning. It’s a bit far off to tell but it doesn’t look as though Snowdonia will be in full winter condition, so winter climbing will probably be out. With a bit of luck it will not be too wet though which means that we should be able to get some mountaineering in.

  6. Pete says:

    Well…. try and keep dry IN the tent this year. Hopefully the Capel site will be open so we campers can stumble to and from the Pub each night instead of a mile trek from and back to the other soggy campsite.
    Try and achieve some sort of summit rather than being spat off a mountain like last year due to lack of energy because it was a bit chilly at night time!

    Possibly Crib Goch ridge and try and do it properly including the high bits, or some grade II or III scrambling somewhere. If not the Glyders? Happy to do anything really as long as I don’t run out of puff!! Still recovering slightly from a head cold and chesty cough from both before and then a return of it after Xmas.

    • Patrick says:

      How about the Snowdon Horseshoe? It’s a grand day out and you can always escape back down the Pyg or the Miners at the end of Cryb Goch if you don’t fancy summiting Snowdon or Y Lliewedd.

  7. Hannah says:

    Snowdon Horseshoe would be great. Do you have a forecast that makes you think it’s worth my while risking a hostel booking, Patrick?

  8. Matthew Lovesey says:

    I would like to come Thursday – Sunday, and would love a lift if there’s one going!
    I’ll be camping for some or all of it – there’s a possiblity some friends will be coming up from Friday pm and staying in Llangollen, so depending on plans/conditions/abilities etc. they might join us for the day on the Saturday, or I might clear off with them and stick to lower ground if full winter conditions return (or arrive…) as they don’t have full winter gear (doesn’t look like there’s much risk at the moment!). I might then stay in Llangollen Saturday pm (free bed in a house beats cold tent!).

  9. Hannah says:

    We are looking like a couple of cars worth, so a plan is coming together. If Matt gets a lift with Patrick, then Jim, Mandy and I will drive up on Thursday evening.

  10. Hannah says:

    If Boyd is thinking of coming, we might be a squeeze, as Jim and I only have small cars. Unless you have a large car, Boyd, and don’t mind driving?

  11. Pete says:

    Looks like a travel plan is forming. Patrick, Ro, Matt and myself in Patricks car leaving Thursday morning and returning Sunday afternoon. Ro will be using a Hostel this year.
    Hannah, Mandy Jim and possibly Boyd leaving Thursday evening and returning Sunday.
    If John decides to come after spending shed loads on suitable kit, he is saying he will be coming up on Friday and returning Sunday. Not really sure if he is camping or bunkhouse/Hostel yet.
    I will try and contact the 1* Capel campsite next to the Bryn Tyrch pub to see if they are open, if not we will have to use the damp campsite we used last year.
    As an aside. I contacted Peter Close about joining us but he and Ruth are away on holiday that weekend.

  12. Hannah says:

    Update on Hostel stuff. Mandy, Jim and I are booked into The Rocks at Plas Curig. As of this evening, they still have a few dorm beds, but not many. It’s 25 quid a night, online booking best done direct, not through

  13. Boyd Ghosh says:

    So I am feeling better now and up for coming. I have work until around 6 in Salisbury so that might be too late for everyone else to leave? If so I don’t mind driving up on my own and can bring someone back if not too complicated to give you a bit more space.
    If you do think the timing fits then I can try to get our bigger car – an estate – and take 4 relatively comfortably.
    Happy with all suggestions above.

  14. Pete says:

    Just mainly for those who have not braved a RoCs winter Snowdonia trip before.

    At the moment it looks like snow will be absent, or at the best very thin on the ground. We will probably be doing more mountaineering and scrambling, rather than snow & ice climbing/trekking. (It may be sensible to pack an ice axe and crampons just in case), and walking poles if you have any, and like using them.

    It would be wise to bring a climbing helmet, harness, and shoes/boots suitable for boggy walking or scrambling. Also add to your harness your belay plate and karabiner, a couple of slings and screwgate karabiners and a Prussic loop in case we do some easy climbing or grade 3 scrambles where a rope may be involved and abseiling may occur!

    Rock boots will be a bit light for this but you may wish to add them just in case or for any indoor climbing we are forced to do if the weather turns really foul. We may also be doing some more serious mountaineering in grim weather so bring your walking boots (winter grade rather than lightweight trekking trainers) as the ground will probably be very boggy and waterlogged.

    Obviously bring waterproof jacket and over trousers, gloves and hat suitable for high level chilly, wet and/or windy conditions. If camping, you will need to bring whatever you need for breakfast at the camp site and for everyone you will need hill food (of your choice) for lunch. Evening meal will be in a pub.

    Bring everything you will need to survive the week end. We (the organisers) will not be supplying anything except weird humour, some entertainment in the pub and on the hill, and some sense of adventure regardless of what we do, regardless of getting to a summit of some sort or not.

    See you soon. Pete

  15. Pete says:

    I have checked with the campsite next to the Bryn Tyrch pub and it is open and they are ok for us to use the site.

  16. Boyd Ghosh says:

    I’ll be staying in the hostel all 3 nights rather than camping.

  17. Pete says:

    Good news the Bryn Tyrch Pub will be open at the weekend. (may not be open Thursday night?)
    Looks like there will be no snow as light rain is forecast for our stay, so I will not be bringing crampons and ice axe, just my wet suit.
    If the forecast changes for the worse and it is going to be rain all the time I probably will not go as 3 nights and days in a wet tent plodding up Snowdon in the rain is not my idea of a winter mountaineering trip. Been there, done it too many times. I will make a decision nearer the time Pete

    • Patrick says:

      Working on the rather optimistic assumption that the forecast improves, I suggest that Ro gets to my house at 06:20, we pick up Pete at 07:00 then head on to Southampton to pick up Matt at a time determined by the rush-hour traffic but likely to be around 07:45.

  18. Pete says:

    Ro has messaged to say he is not going due to the predicted damp weather. Matt will also not wish to go if the rain forecast continues. I will decide by Wednesday morning as to how wet it is likely to be and thus if I am going or not. Sorry to be a damp squid but I have only just fully recovered from a chest and head cold which started a few weeks before Xmas, and have no wish for it to return.

    • Patrick says:

      I have been following the weather forecasts and they really are all over the shop at the moment with significant changes taking place on an almost hourly basis. What seems clear is that it will be wet and windy at some point over the long weekend, it’s just not possible to predict when!

  19. Hannah says:

    Team Hostel are going, whatever the forecast. We have snacks. And wine.

  20. Hannah says:

    And I believe they still have some beds free…

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