Italian Alps CANCELLED

13/06/2020 – 20/06/2020 all-day

Join us on a trip to Italy with a plethora of climbing and mountaineering activities available, depending on your interests and budget. There are sport climbs in the valleys, via ferattas higher up and Gran Paradiso (4061m) and the southern Mont Blanc routes for the keen. You could join us for a total cost of less than £500 but it depends on your ambitions because the big peaks could need cable cars, huts and maybe a guide so nearer £1000 if your sights are high!

Organiser: Stu

Members interested:

1. Stu

2. Jim

3. Jamie

4. Boyd (TBC)


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1 Response to Italian Alps CANCELLED

  1. Boyd Ghosh says:

    Hi Stu
    With everything with the Corona Virus and the with hospitals saying that the peak here will be May/June I suspect I might be asked to stay in the UK in June. I’m going to bow out of this trip this year as a result. However interested in coming on future trips…..
    Sorry. B

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