Fairy Cave – August – Outdoor Novice

25/08/2019 all-day
Fairy Cave Quarry, Somerset
Limekiln Ln
Radstock BA3 5HP


Meet Organiser: John H.

This is a meet for those members who have either never climbed outdoors before or are in need of a refresher.  The meet is open to all members, but its main purpose is to encourage newer and less experienced members of the club to come along for a safe and enjoyable introduction to outdoor climbing.

The location is Fairy Cave Quarry in the Mendips, near Oakhill in Somerset.  It is around a 1 hour 40 minutes drive from Romsey so suitable for a day trip.

Members attending are:

  1. Patrick
  2. Pete
  3. Sarah
  4. Adam
  5. Caron
  6. Matt
  7. Mandy
  8. Dave R
  9. Jon G

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12 Responses to Fairy Cave – August – Outdoor Novice

  1. Patrick says:

    Put me down for this one, as long as there some beginners attending!

  2. Pete says:

    Happy to attend. I can pretend to be a beginner for Patricks training, not hard to do these days!

  3. Sarah Beasley says:

    I would like to try and come to this, get in some leading practice.

  4. Adam Nicklen says:

    I’d like to attend please. I’m completely new to trad so this is ideal!

  5. Caron says:

    keen to go and support or climb/ both whatever 🙂

  6. Matthew Lovesey says:

    Me too.

  7. Mandy Chapman says:

    I think I can also make this trip : )

  8. Dave Rawlinson says:

    I plan to be on this meet.

  9. Pete says:

    I assume this trip is going ahead, as there is quite a good response. Are we all meeting at Gecko as usual at about 8-00 so we can car share to minimise the footprint and parking?

  10. Patrick says:

    In case you have not picked this up from the RoCs Facebook page, the trip is definitely going ahead. I am I suggested an 08:30 start from Golden Gecko as some of us have to travel a bit to get there and it is a Sunday! I can offer lifts there and back; I am already giving Ro a lift and I expect that Pete would like one as well. Are you sorted Matt?

  11. Duncan Patient says:

    I am going to be there, but I got my weekends muddled, and I also planned to go with Charlene from the Wessex climbing club (please ask her about here climbing record she holds, the story makes me chuckle every time). And my next door neighbour. Neither are Romsey climbing members and dont need instruction.

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