Venue to be decided…

Meet organiser: Volunteer wanted!

Members attending:

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9 Responses to Venue to be decided…

  1. Matthew Lovesey says:

    Keen to come on this.

  2. John Horton says:

    That’s at least one person interested then!

  3. Matthew Lovesey says:

    Ooh, mystery venue. Even more keen now!

    • Pete says:

      Does this mean that as the first person interested you automatically become the organiser? What are the tides like for a Pembrokeshire trip near to St Davids?

  4. Matthew Lovesey says:

    I’d be prepared to organise if there is interest in a trip.
    I don’t know Pembrokeshire at all, but low tide is around mid day that weekend (11.30 Friday, 12ish Sat, 12.30 ish Sun) so that would be an option.

  5. Matthew Lovesey says:

    Either that, or I’d be happy to do another Peak trip (either Roaches again, or Hathersage area).

  6. Mandy Chapman says:

    I’d definitely be interested, anywhere dry for that weekend : )

  7. Matthew Lovesey says:

    Current forecast for that weekend = wet everywhere.

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