Climbing outside again after the Lockdown

Hi to all RoCs members,

Some important advice and guidance from Romsey Climbers to all our members.

Now that lockdown restrictions have been partially lifted and we are allowed out side again, please be aware that due to the 3 month lockdown period stopping all climbing initially for several weeks, and limited climbing in the last few weeks the conditions of some of the popular climbing crags may well have changed from what you have been used to in the past. Many of the crags and some specific routes will have become greasy and slippery due to lack of use, and the various extreme weather conditions we have been experiencing. They also may have suffered an increase in vegetation, mud and debris forming in the cracks we use for hand & footholds and more importantly for placing gear for protection.

When we are able to venture out on meets again please take care and allow for these new conditions. I am sure it will not be long before the crags and routes will be back to their former conditions as more climbers get out on rock and the routes get cleared of their new found growth and debris. Also please take into account you may be a bit slower, less flexible and slightly out of practice than you were last year due to the forced “Stay at home and stay safe” government policy over the last 3 months, so that “Easy Diff” may well be a bit more of a challenge than it was last year. It certainly will be for me!!

Please also ensure you always carry an up to date copy of our “Additional Information Form” which we supplied to you all when you first joined RoCs. For the safety of everyone in the club, and to ensure that the information is all up to date, please print off and complete this form again, which I have sent out to all RoCs members, especially the section asking for next of kin (your ICE you nominated to us when you joined). This form should then be put into your climbing and/or walking rucksack so that if you are involved in a climbing or walking incident and require medical help, the emergency services will be able to see if you have any medical requirements or conditions, and they or one of us can contact your ICE contact (partner, family member or friend) if required. This is an important requirement of being a club member with RoCs. Please ensure you carry a copy in your rucksac all the time and keep it up to date. One day we may need to use this information. This is for your own safety and peace of mind for your family.

Hoping to see you out on rock or at a climbing wall very soon, take care and stay safe.


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