Gower – June CANCELLED
Jun 5 – Jun 7 all-day

Meet Organiser: Matt

This is a weekend meet to the beautiful South Wales coast to the Gower Peninsula.  There are some very friendly routes with good rock that are climbable straight off the beach!  It’s a really good location for all climbing abilities…and also for bringing family along who love walking or beaches!

Camping will be at Nicholaston Farm which has really good facilities and is a short walk from climbing at and around Three Cliffs Bay.  Their details can be found at:

Members attending:

  1. Matt
  2. Sarah + 1
  3. Tony + 1
  4. Tim
  5. Emma
  6. Pete
  7. Hannah?
  8. Charlotte?
Italian Alps CANCELLED
Jun 13 – Jun 20 all-day

Join us on a trip to Italy with a plethora of climbing and mountaineering activities available, depending on your interests and budget. There are sport climbs in the valleys, via ferattas higher up and Gran Paradiso (4061m) and the southern Mont Blanc routes for the keen. You could join us for a total cost of less than £500 but it depends on your ambitions because the big peaks could need cable cars, huts and maybe a guide so nearer £1000 if your sights are high!

Organiser: Stu

Members interested:

1. Stu

2. Jim

3. Jamie

4. Boyd (TBC)


Peak District – June CANCELLED @ Peak District
Jun 19 – Jun 21 all-day

Meet Organiser: Pete T.

This is an annual RoCs weekend meet to the delights of the Peak District National Park. We will be camping at the usual site near Hathersage at theNorth Lees (Peak District National Park) camp site. This is about 1 mile due North of Hathersage. This meet is suitable for all members as it is ideal for beginners and the more experienced climbers in the club. If you have never climbed outside on real rock, we can take you up some really easy nice rock. There is a wide choice of gritstone crags to choose from, some with a few multi pitch routes, but mainly all single pitch with a short walk in.

The campsite is a small friendly site with wash and shower facilities. It also has some wooden Pods if you prefer not to use a tent. All you will need for a Pod is a sleeping mat and bag plus your own cooking gear, just as you would for a tent. There is heating and lighting in the Pods. If you wish to use a Pod, please book this in advance yourself as I will only be booking camping spaces with the warden.  A deposit may be required for a Pod booking. Please indicate to me if you are camping or in a Pod so I can give the correct camping numbers to the warden when booking spaces.

The contact details for the site are 01433 650838. To get to the campsite from Hathersage, go west on the A6187  Main Street and TR before the railway bridge up Jaggers Lane, then TR up Coggers Lane for about 1/2 mile, then TR into Birley Lane. After about 1/2 mile North Lees site  is on your left just before a left hand bend. There is a wooden gate (often closed) to enter the site. Ignore the “Campsite full” sign as we will have a booking for Romsey Climbers under my name. We will be car sharing as much as possible due to the limited parking spaces and to save fuel costs.

Hathersage has a couple of pubs, (although the Robin Hood pub in Hathersage is now not very good for food and atmosphere so we may need to travel further afield to the one we used last year), food shops and a few Outdoor gear shops so all you need for a weekend away with RoCs. If you prefer the luxury of a proper bed ????  then there are B&B’s, hotels and Youth Hostels in and around Hathersage, but book early to ensure a room. Be aware if you choose to book accommodation and we have to cancel the meet at the last moment due to extreme bad weather, you may loose your deposit with your booking.

Bring along some wet weather walking gear as well, (water proof coat, over trousers and walking boots) just in case the weather turns damp and we decide to go for a bit of a bog trot up on the hills. You will also need to bring along breakfast and any cooking gear required, food for mid-day lunch as there are no food facilities at the crags. We will be eating at a pub in the evenings.

Members attending are:

  1. Pete T
  2. Patrick
  3. Hannah
  4. Sarah
  5. Tony
  6. Josh
  7. Helen F
North Wales – June CANCELLED
Jun 24 – Jul 1 all-day

Meet organiser: Dave

This meet is based at Cae’r Fran, the climbing hut of the Merseyside Mountaineering Club, about 1km from Laanberis at grid ref SH570595.
The hut is formerly a shepherd’s cottage that has been refurbished and extended and is subject to a programme of continual improvement. The Hut has four dormitories, one for the exclusive use of women and another only for MMC members, a dining/sitting room, drying room, boot room, a large kitchen and separate male and female toilet and shower facilities. The cost is £8 per person per night. Those wishing to stay in the hut must let Dave know in advance to ensure you have a bed. For those who prefer camping there is a campsite 400m away at SH573594.

Members attending:

  1. Dave
  2.  John
  3.  Ivan
  4.  Mandy
  5.  Matt
  6.  Charlotte (Fri-Sun)
  7.  Naomi (Fri-Sun)
Dartmoor – July
Jul 3 – Jul 5 all-day

For this regular Dartmoor we will be staying at the usual “glamping value” site at Langstone Manor, Moortown PL19 9JZ about 2 miles east of Tavistock on the western edge of Dartmoor in the grounds of an old manor house. We have used this site for many years and we know the owners very well. The facilities are excellent with good shower, toilets and washing up, clothes washing and drying, as well as an on-site shop, bar, lounge and eating facilities. The owners are Jane and David. (See the website The contact details for the site are 01822 613371 and

As well as camping, there are some wooden Pods with power and lighting for the less hardy climbers. You will still need to bring sleeping bag, mattress and cooking gear. If you wish to book a Pod, please do this yourself as I will only be booking camping places with Jane. There will probably be a deposit to be paid for a Pod, so book early to ensure a bed for the night. Be aware that if we have to cancel at the last minute due to bad weather you may lose your deposit on a Pod booking. Please let me know if you are camping or using a Pod so I know how many camping spaces to book.

We advise you also bring along wet weather walking gear in case the weather turns damp as there are many miles of Dartmoor to explore if we cannot climb. All that is required is a waterproof coat, over trousers, some walking boots and a small ruck sac for food etc.

Dartmoor is an ideal climbing area for members who have not climbed outside before. The climbing will be either at Dewerstone Rocks, Sheeps Tor or on any of the numerous Dartmoor outcrops (Hound Tor or Hay Tor for example) where there are many single and multi-pitch routes of all grades, from very easy to quite tough!! This meet is ideal for beginners and the more experienced climbers so if you are new to outside rock climbing it is an ideal meet for you. Make sure you bring suitable food and cooking gear for breakfast and also food for mid-day as there are no facilities near the climbing areas for food and drink. We will be using the bar or a pub for evening food and drink.

Anyone wishing to attend this meet can you please post on this page your intention, including when you plan to travel down, and which nights you plan to stay. We will be trying to car share as much as possible to save on fuel costs. We hope to negotiate a single person price per night of about £7 per night by sharing pitches. I will provisionally book places soon, so will need to know the final camping numbers nearer the time to ensure there is enough spaces for all the members to be together.

Meet organiser: Pete T

Members attending:

  1. Pete
  2. Helen F
Roaches – July
Jul 16 – Jul 19 all-day

Meet organiser: Hannah

The Roaches are in the ‘White Peak’ area of the Peak District National Park and although less well known as a climbing venue than their cousins in the Dark Peak they offer some excellent routes on Gritstone in great settings.  The climbs are virtually all single pitch trad routes, with a few double pitch routes on good quality rock with plenty of choice at the lower end of the grading scale.  What is there not to like about it?

We’ll be staying at the Whillans Hut ( at the base of the Roaches. It’s a magical place in a superb location only a minute from the crag, which is packed with quality climbs – there are only twelve beds so book your place early!

Members attending:

  1. Hannah
  2. Mark
  3. Jon
  4. Sarah
  5. Tony
  6. Jade
  7. Ivan (til Saturday)
  8. Mandy
  9. Matt
  10. Pete (camping)
  11. 11 Helen N
    12 Charlotte

Portland – August – Experienced
Aug 7 – Aug 9 all-day

Organiser – ?

Members attending:

  1.  ?
Pembroke – August
Aug 21 – Aug 23 all-day

Organiser – Matt

Members attending:

  1. Matt
  2. Hannah
  3. Pete
  4. Mandy
  5. Helen N
Fairy Cave – August – Outdoor Novice @ Fairy Cave Quarry, Somerset
Aug 30 all-day


Meet Organiser: John H.

This is a meet for those members who have either never climbed outdoors before or are in need of a refresher.  The meet is open to all members, but its main purpose is to encourage newer and less experienced members of the club to come along for a safe and enjoyable introduction to outdoor climbing.

The location is Fairy Cave Quarry in the Mendips, near Oakhill in Somerset.  It is around a 1 hour 40 minutes drive from Romsey so suitable for a day trip.

Members attending are:

Wye Valley – September
Sep 4 – Sep 6 all-day

Meet organiser: Patrick

The Wye Valley is a brilliant place to climb!  Wintours Leap really does have something for everyone from total beginners to seasoned rock apes; Single pitch, multi-pitch, trad, sports and at all grades too.  If you want a safe introduction to multi-pitch climbing in a great setting then this is the place to do it.  The rock is quarried limestone, not too polished and generally fairly sound.  To top it all off there are spectacular views of the river Wye and the surrounding countryside to be had – watching the sun go down over the Wye is to die for (not literally of course!).  There are also the crags at Wyndcliff, Ban y Gor (mostly sport), Shorn Cliff and Symonds Yat, amongst others, to enjoy in the vicinity if you prefer.

Members attending:

  1. Patrick