Fairy Cave outdoor novice meet – Saturday 25 May

The next RoCs meet is a trip to the Mendips for a day’s trad climbing. It’s very suitable for both experienced and novice outdoor climbers with some nice routes across the grades. Take a look at the meet webpage and sign up if you’d like to join us for a day’s friendly climbing!

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Exciting meets news!

After a couple of years talking about it, a trip to Nepal is now on the RoCs calendar! It’s up a 6,461m/21,216ft Himalayan peak and takes place over three weeks in April 2020. More details on the meet page and you’ve got until 31 July to decide if you want to join this memorable trip.

There’s more details about the November Spanish meet on the meet page. It’s a great opportunity to get some quality climbing at the end of the season. I want to book accommodation so you need to sign up by 31 May if you’re coming.

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Visibility of comments on the RoCs web site

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Peaks trip May/June

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RoCs T shirts and other clothing items

Hi to all Club Members. If you log in using your password you will be able to access the “Members” page where there are all sorts of useful links, including the new T shirt and other RoCs apparal section. Here you have all the information to be able to order any item of clothing of your choice and colour direct from the supplier in Totton with whom we have set up an arrangement to do this for individual members for single items, and still get the discount. Just click on the link for all the ordering information you will need. This is now how any member can choose,order and pay for items directly from the supplier as we will not be ordering any bulk orders for the club in the future.

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Dartmoor Meet April 12-14th

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RoCs Annual Dinner

In case you have been hiding under a rock (as all climbers do at some point!) you may be aware that RoCs are holding their Annual Dinner on Friday 8th at the Luxborough House Pub in Romsey. As a RoCs club member, if you are unable to attend this prestigious evening for the meal, you are welcome to join us for a drink in the bar afterwards. Club members are welcome to bring along their partners, offspring, any random family members or friends to this event.

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January Committee meeting info

Hi all club members. If you log into the website with your password and go to “Members” page, then “Committee meetings ” tab, you will find under 2019 the January committee meeting minutes. Read this if you wish to see what has been discussed and decided for this year. Special note to read about the new meets and day trips and also our change in policy for Existing Members who are late in renewing (after January 31st).

Any existing member who fails to renew their 2019 membership by that date will be deemed as having left RoCs, and therefore will no longer have RoCs Membership or more importantly any BMC Club Membership & BMC Climbing Insurance. They will also have their RoCs member access to the Website (password protected pages) removed, as well as access to our RoCs Facebook page, which is not a public site. The Annual Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st and should be renewed now. Any lapsed member who wishes to re-join RoCs after 31st January will be charged the new joining fee of £25 and will then be given a new password and added back to the Facebook page. To save all of this extra work for us and you, please renew now if you wish to continue being a RoCs club and BMC club member. If you are paying by cash, cheque or on-line by BACS transfer, your payment and a completed renewal form needs to reach us before the end of January, as we will be registering all 2019 Members in the first week of February. Thank you for your support in this. Pete

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Indoor climbing and outdoor day trips

As well as the new indoor wall forays further afield posted by John below here, if you plan to go indoor climbing on any day or evening of the week at our local walls, as well as to go further afield to walls outside our immediate area, please post here on the indoor climbing page or on our Facebook page so that other club members can turn up and climb with you. If no one does this simple task, other members will assume there is no one going so will not go climbing, which is the main purpose of our club, to climb with other like minded people.
Also post here (yes I know this is supposed to be for indoor climbing) or on the Facebook page if you wish to go outside for a day trip to nearby crags (Swanage, Portland, Fairy Cave quarry etc), any time, any place, weekends, mid week, to find climbing partner(s). Pete

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New winter indoor wall meets

Following feedback from newer members, we’re going to introduce a new type of meet during the winter months.

From November to March we’ll have a monthly daytime trip on a Saturday or Sunday to a different indoor wall than our usual venues – maybe Reading, Craggy Island at Guildford, White Spider in West London… There’ll be an organiser for each trip and it will appear as an event on the RoCs Facebook page, where you’ll be able to sign up for it. If you’re not on Facebook you’ll be able to sign up on the meet page on the website.

The first trip will be on 9 February to Reading and organised by James.

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