January Committee meeting info

Hi all club members. If you log into the website with your password and go to “Members” page, then “Committee meetings ” tab, you will find under 2019 the January committee meeting minutes. Read this if you wish to see what has been discussed and decided for this year. Special note to read about the new meets and day trips and also our change in policy for Existing Members who are late in renewing (after January 31st).

Any existing member who fails to renew their 2019 membership by that date will be deemed as having left RoCs, and therefore will no longer have RoCs Membership or more importantly any BMC Club Membership & BMC Climbing Insurance. They will also have their RoCs member access to the Website (password protected pages) removed, as well as access to our RoCs Facebook page, which is not a public site. The Annual Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st and should be renewed now. Any lapsed member who wishes to re-join RoCs after 31st January will be charged the new joining fee of £25 and will then be given a new password and added back to the Facebook page. To save all of this extra work for us and you, please renew now if you wish to continue being a RoCs club and BMC club member. If you are paying by cash, cheque or on-line by BACS transfer, your payment and a completed renewal form needs to reach us before the end of January, as we will be registering all 2019 Members in the first week of February. Thank you for your support in this. Pete

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Indoor climbing and outdoor day trips

As well as the new indoor wall forays further afield posted by John below here, if you plan to go indoor climbing on any day or evening of the week at our local walls, as well as to go further afield to walls outside our immediate area, please post here on the indoor climbing page or on our Facebook page so that other club members can turn up and climb with you. If no one does this simple task, other members will assume there is no one going so will not go climbing, which is the main purpose of our club, to climb with other like minded people.
Also post here (yes I know this is supposed to be for indoor climbing) or on the Facebook page if you wish to go outside for a day trip to nearby crags (Swanage, Portland, Fairy Cave quarry etc), any time, any place, weekends, mid week, to find climbing partner(s). Pete

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New winter indoor wall meets

Following feedback from newer members, we’re going to introduce a new type of meet during the winter months.

From November to March we’ll have a monthly daytime trip on a Saturday or Sunday to a different indoor wall than our usual venues – maybe Reading, Craggy Island at Guildford, White Spider in West London… There’ll be an organiser for each trip and it will appear as an event on the RoCs Facebook page, where you’ll be able to sign up for it. If you’re not on Facebook you’ll be able to sign up on the meet page on the website.

The first trip will be on 9 February to Reading and organised by James.

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Finding out about “Meets”

The Web Site has recently been updated with information about the planned meets for 2019 and some have already seen quite a lot of interest.

To help members to see the broad range of options open to them, we have provided a number of different ways of looking for different types of Meet. They can all be seen under the “Meets List” menu item as follows:

  • All Meets – as it says, everything in date order
  • Experienced Meets – for those members confidently climbing at Severe and above
  • Outdoor Novice Meets – for those members new to climbing outdoors
  • Sports Meets – climbing in areas where the protection is predominantly with bolts
  • Trad Meets – climbing in areas where protection in placed in the rock by the leader
  • Winter Meets – climbing, mountaineering and walking in the snow

Please take the time to investigate what meets may interest you.

Also, please be aware that if you are interested in climbing at a different location at a different (or the same) time, other members may be interested too! It does not take too much effort to get a few interested members together and run your own meet!! It is not as scary as you might think and your club has a wealth of knowledge and experience to be able to help you to get the best out of any trip.

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RoCs renewal for 2019 season

Please be aware that we require ALL existing RoCs members who are renewing their Annual Membership for 2019 to complete a Renewal Form (which has been supplied to you via an e-mail) regardless of how you choose to pay (Cash, Cheque or On-line payment method). The renewal fee is £20.

Please send or give the completed Renewal form to me, (along with your Cash, Cheque, or if you are paying On-line) for your registration with RoCs and the BMC for 2019. If you are paying On-line, please use your Initial & Surname followed by AM as the payment Reference. (for example P TELLING AM). Please also send an e-mail to Helen, our Treasurer, and to me to confirm the payment has been made. I am usually at Golden Gecko Friday evenings if you wish to save on a postal stamp.

Please renew before the 31st January, otherwise the Renewal fee will be £25 instead of £20.



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RoCs AGM at Calshot wall Friday 16th November

Hi to all RoCs club members, the Romsey Climbers Annual General Meeting will take place at Calshot Climbing wall on Friday 16th November starting at 8-00pm in the Boothman room, which is down the side of the Ski slope.

The Agenda is not going to be too long winded, so you can enjoy the meeting, discuss anything RoCs related with everyone, and more importantly renew your RoCs membership for 2019 at a cost of only £20. We can accept cash or a cheque made payable to “Romsey Climbers” or you can now pay on-line. We will be sending out bank details to all members by e-mail soon. Please print off the  renewal form I have sent to all of you, and fill it in ready for the AGM. We need a renewal form from all members for 2019 season.

After the meeting (probably by about 9-30) we will retire to the bar for a drink some food and a chat.

Anyone who has ordered and paid for a RoCs garment (T shirt or sweatshirt etc) from Trevor should be able to collect it from him at the AGM.

We hope to see as many of you as possible for a climb beforehand, from 6-00 pm onwards, as well as at the AGM and in the bar afterwards.


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North Wales Weekend Trip Nov 2nd-4th !!

Another last minute North Wales trip is being planned for next weekend 3rd-4th November. It’s all a bit last minute but currently Darren, Pete, Charlotte, Stu? Are staying in a Mountain hut travelling up Friday for the weekend. Let Darren or myself know if you’d like to join us and we will send you some more info. You can also respond on the RoCs Facebook page where Darren has put this post. I have updated the meets page so it now appears for the new date in November so you can post on the meets page. Pete


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Dawn Wall – additional tickets available


The film Dawn Wall is showing in Southampton and has seen such interest that they have made more tickets available.

Take a look at the web site for more details but be quick … 


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October Committee meeting minutes

Hi all RoCs members. The minutes of the October committee meeting have been posted on the website under the “Members” tab- “Committee meetings”-“2018 October” for all to read, to see what we have been discussing about RoCs.

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RoCs Facebook page

The Outdoor climbing page has not been used for some time, so we have decided to remove it, and we will now use the RoCs group Facebook page for arranging ad-hoc day trips and reminders for weekend trips as well as for other social events plus posts about who is climbing where at one of the climbing walls more than we do at the moment, due to a change in the way people communicate socially. The page is a Secret one, so only current RoCs members can see it, and post messages or respond to events posted on it, so it is very secure. At the moment not all RoCs members are using the page (or even using Facebook at all.)

If you are a Facebook user, but do not have access to the page, you may well be missing out on information about meets, social events and day trips etc. To get access to the RoCs group Facebook page, contact Mark Griffiths and he will add you as a user. If you wish to be able to see all our information, and are not yet a Facebook user, create a Facebook account and contact Mark to be added to our group page.

We will still be using our Website for details of weekend meets, signing up for meets and all things to do with The BMC, indoor climbing dates and venues and RoCs News information, so still keep checking the RoCs website as well as the Facebook page.

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