RoCs renewal for 2018

Thanks to all of you who were able to attend the AGM on Friday 24th at Calshot, it was really good to see so many people climbing and attending the meeting. We now have 22 members who have renewed plus a new climber friend of Ian who joined as well. If you were unable to attend, please feel free to send me your renewal form along with your £20 before the end of December, or hand it to me or Helen at the wall on a Friday night. It does make it very much easier for Helen and myself if we get the renewals in before the end of the year so we can send the money and listings to the BMC all in one go. Thanks. Pete

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RoCs memebrship renewal and AGM/climbing session at Calshot

Hi to all RoCs members. Your membership for 2017 will expire at the end of December 2017. To renew for 2018 season please send your membership fee (£20) plus a completed renewal form (available by picking Members tab and downloading from that link) to me before the end of the year, or if you plan to attend the AGM at Calshot on Friday 24th November, then you can renew then. We will be climbing from 6-00 to 8-00 then the AGM will be held in the Boothman room from 8-00 to about 9-30. We will be discussing the events for 2018, voting in the committee to run RoCs for 2018 and chatting about all things climbing. Afterwards we will retire to the café/bar for food and drinks. This is your chance to meet other members and get to know RoCs a bit more, and possibly suggest new events and locations for climbing outside. 

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Gear for new climbers outside on Rock

Hi if you are new to RoCs and have never climbed outside on rock before. This is just to advise you what you should take with you as well as your normal indoor gear. Obviously you need your Rock boots, Harness and Chalk bag as usual. You will also have to have a Climbing Helmet to be allowed to climb with us outside. As well as these items it is very useful to have the following:-

Two slings 120 cm long (preferably of two different colours)

Two Screwgate Karibinners (HMS style are the most useful)

A Nut Key to remove jammed gear (as you will be seconding the routes it will be you removing gear from the rock face!) The best one is one with a flat hook on one end and double hooks at the other, so that you can get jammed Cams (known as Friends) free.

If you have all of these items you will be able to make yourself safe on a multi pitch climb without having to borrow gear from your leader. Any questions there are may climbers in the club to offer advice on what to get. Don’t forget to use your RoCs card to get 15%  discount in Cotswolds, or use your BMC card in many outdoor shops to get 15% discount.


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Xmas Social meet-Curry and Drinks evening.

Hi to all RoCs members. We are planning to have a Xmas Social evening in Romsey on Friday December 15th. This will be for all members and their partners to attend. We will be using a Curry house in Romsey, and prior to that, for the keen climbers, meeting at Golden Gecko for a climbing session. Please come along and join in the fun. Details about times and place of eating to be decided later.

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Day trip to Fairy Cave Quarry Sunday 29th

Hi to all club members, we are planning (weather permitting) to go to Fairy Cave Quarry on this Sunday 29th October, for a day trip. If you are interested in going, we will be meeting up at Golden Gecko car park in Romsey at 9-00 am so we can sort out which and how many cars to take, as parking is very restricted at the quarry.

If you wish to join us (all levels of climbers very welcome) please post your intention to attend on the Outdoor Climbing page, so we know who to expect to see at the car park, and are not waiting around for people who have decided not to go.

The quarry is ideal for all levels of climbers and if you are new to outside climbing it is an ideal place to have a go. There will be leaders with all the gear so if you are new to outside climbing, all you need to bring is your harness, rock boots, a Helmet, any slings and karabiners you have, some lunch and drink and plenty of enthusiasm. The walk in from the car is about 500 yards on almost flat ground, which makes a change from many of our venues!

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Romsey Climbers 2017 Annual General Meeting

Hi to all RoCs members. We will be holding our AGM as usual at Calshot wall on Friday 24th November, starting at 8-00pm in the Boothman room, which is down the side of the Ski slope. We plan to have a climb before hand from 6-00 pm to about 7-45, then relocate into the Boothman room for the AGM which is usually over by about 9-30. After this we will retire to the Café for food, drinks and a chat.

All members are welcome to attend this AGM, where you will be able to put forward any suggestions for the 2018 season, places to climb etc. or any ideas to improve the running of the club.

You will also be able to vote for the committee members for 2018, and if you wish to join the committee to help run the club please let me know before the AGM.You will also have the opportunity to renew your membership for 2018 for only £20. Please let me know before hand if you do not wish to renew your membership, to save me creating a new membership card for you, and to update our records for the new season.

Please try and attend this meeting, and join us for a pre meeting climb at Calshot wall. Pete

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Fairy Cave Quarry day trips

Patrick is looking to organise a day trip to Fairy Cave Quarry as shown on the outdoor climbing page. If you are interested in any of the dates he is proposing, please go to the Outdoor Climbing page and register your interest in the comments box. This will allow Patrick to decide the best date to go. I have copied his post below for your reference. Pete

Hi folks, I am planning to run a beginners day at Fairy Cave Quarry in a few weeks time if anyone is interested. This is a replacement for the last FCQ trip that was abandoned due to inclement weather. Candidate dates are the 8th, 15th and 29th of October. The only slight problem (apart from the weather!) is that all these dates are in the landing zone for my first grandchild so I may need to pull-out at the last minute – hopefully someone else will be able to pick up the reigns or else we will need to re-schedule.
Beginners days are intended to be a fun introduction to real rock, they are suitable for anyone who has never climbed outdoors before or who has limited experience but would like to learn more. We can tailor the day to suite the requirements of the attendees. Please indicate your interest in the trip by replying to this post and provide an indication of which date(s) you would prefer.


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Indoor Climbing days & nights

Hi to all of the club members who participate in climbing at any of our local walls (Calshot, Gecko or Red Spider). As we now have a few new members who may not have had the chance to meet many of the club indoor climbers, can any member who is planning or wishing to climb indoors on any day or evening please post on the Indoor Climbing page your intention to climb, stating what day and time and at which wall you prefer to use.

We will then add your name to the weekly list so that all other club members can see who is climbing where and when, to encourage the newer members to meet up and climb with other members who they may not know. If no one adds their names to the page each week, then other climbers will assume no one is climbing and will not turn out.

Meeting and climbing with each other  gives everyone the chance to get to know each other, and maybe start planning for outside meets. You will need to log in with your password to be able to add a comment on the Indoor Climbing page. We are aware that some members climb mid week or at weekends rather than Friday night, so if you are please post to tell other members when and where. Thanks, Pete

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Climb and Beer night – September 8th

Hi all RoCs climbers. As the last event was such a success, we will be hosting another Climb & Pub evening  on the 8th September (Friday) from 6-00 pm (or earlier for the tougher climbers!) at Golden Gecko for some climbing then re-locate to the Old House at Home in Romsey for a few drinks and food if any one wishes to do so. All are welcome to both or either part of the evening. We will probably be at the pub from about 8-00 pm onwards. Partners, family and friends are also welcome to join us.

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Weekend meets still to happen – Put your name down now!!

Hi guys, there are still quite a few weekend meets on the list, with some having only one or two people showing interest. If you are thinking of attending these later meets, please put your name down now, so that the organisers can see how many people are thinking of attending. This helps decide if the meet is worth doing, and also allows the organiser to let the camp site or bunk house know approximate numbers. If you have to pull out at the last minute, it is easier for the organiser to reduce numbers with the camp site or bunk house, rather than try and add people at the last minute, especially in the busier parts of the season (August and September), even if no pre booking is required. Pete

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