Outdoor Climbing

Romsey Climbers have some regular weather-permitting day climbs that can take place any dry day or weekend. The venue will be local crags: usually either Portland or Swanage depending on the preferences of those taking part.

Simply post a comment on this page if you are interested in a day trip, stating a proposed date, and which venue you’d prefer. If anyone wishes to propose an alternative venue for an outside trip, please state this.

This can be an ideal way to introduce new climbers to outside rock, so if you wish to try climbing on rock for the first time, please ask, and we will try and arrange a day trip.

If there is already a Meets page on the website for a particular weekend venue, please use this to post your interest, so that the Meets Sponsor is aware of members wishing to attend a particular meet. If you wish to propose a new meet, (a day trip or a weekend meet) and you need help and information as to what to do, please contact the Meets Officer or any other Committee Member, and we will help you do this.

People interested in a day trip so far:-

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