Gear for new climbers outside on Rock

Hi if you are new to RoCs and have never climbed outside on rock before. This is just to advise you what you should take with you as well as your normal indoor gear. Obviously you need your Rock boots, Harness and Chalk bag as usual. You will also have to have a Climbing Helmet to be allowed to climb with us outside.

As well as these items it is very useful to have the following:-

  • Two slings 120 cm long (preferably of two different colours)
  • Two Screwgate Karibinners (HMS style are the most useful – see image below)
  • A Nut Key to remove jammed gear (as you will be seconding the routes it will be you removing gear from the rock face!) The best one is one with a flat hook on one end and double hooks at the other, so that you can get jammed Cams (known as Friends) free.

Nut Key

HMS Karabiner





If you have all of these items you will be able to make yourself safe on a multi pitch climb without having to borrow gear from your leader. Any questions there are may climbers in the club to offer advice on what to get. Don’t forget to use your RoCs card to get 15%  discount in Cotswolds, or use your BMC card in many outdoor shops to get 15% discount.


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