Peak District – April

12/04/2018 – 15/04/2018 all-day
Peak District
North Lees Campsite
Birley Ln, Hathersage, Hope Valley S32 1BR

Meet Organiser: Pete T.

This is an annual RoCs weekend meet to the delights of the Peak District National Park. We plan to camp at North Lees Peak District National Park site just north of Hathersage. We will need to book places a few weeks in advance as it is now a very popular site, so put your name down soon.

This meet is suitable for all members as it is ideal for beginners and the more experienced climbers in the club. If you have never climbed outside on real rock, we can take you up some really easy nice rock. There is a wide choice of gritstone crags to choose from, some with a few multi pitch routes, but mainly all single pitch with a short walk in.
The campsite is a small friendly site with wash and shower facilities. It also has some wooden Pods if you prefer not to use a tent. All you will need for a Pod is a sleeping mat and bag plus your own cooking gear, just as you would for a tent. There is heating and lighting in the Pods. If you wish to use a Pod, please book this in advance yourself as I will only be booking camping spaces with the warden. A deposit may be required for a Pod booking. Please indicate to me if you are camping or in a Pod so I can give the correct camping numbers to the warden when booking spaces.

The contact details for the site are 01433 650838. To get to the campsite from Hathersage, go west on the A6187 Main Street and TR before the railway bridge up Jaggers Lane, then TR up Coggers Lane for about 1/2 mile, then TR into Birley Lane. After about 1/2 mile Lees site is on your left just before a left hand bend. There is a wooden gate (often closed) to enter the site. Ignore the “Campsite full” sign as we will have a booking for Romsey Climbers under my name. We will be car sharing as much as possible due to the limited parking spaces and to save fuel costs. The site location is shown on the map above by the orange flag.

Hathersage has a couple of pubs, (although the Robin Hood pub in Hathersage is now not very good for food and atmosphere so we may need to travel further afield to the one we used last year), food shops and a few Outdoor gear shops so all you need for a weekend away with RoCs. If you prefer the luxury of a proper bed ???? then there are B&B’s, hotels and Youth Hostels in and around Hathersage, but book early to ensure a room. Be aware if you choose to book accommodation and we have to cancel the meet at the last moment due to extreme bad weather, you may loose your deposit with your booking.

Bring along some wet weather walking gear as well, (water proof coat, over trousers and walking boots) just in case the weather turns damp and we decide to go for a bit of a bog trot up on the hills. You will also need to bring along breakfast and any cooking gear required, food for mid-day lunch as there are no food facilities at the crags. We will be eating at a pub in the evenings.

Members attending are:

  1. Pete T (Camping) Thursday to Sunday taking Matt & Ivan
  2. Matt (camping) Thursday to Sunday – travelling with Pete
  3. Ivan (camping) Thursday to Sunday – travelling with Pete
  4. Patrick (Camping) Thursday to Sunday – travelling up alone
  5. Jon G  (Camping) Thursday to Sunday – travelling up alone
  6. Hannah (camping) Thursday to Sunday – travelling up alone
  7. Hannahs daughter Cleo (camping) Saturday to Sunday – Being picked up Saturday at Sheffield by Hannah
  8. Jeremy (camping) Saturday to Sunday – travelling up alone
  9. Ro? (camping) Thursday to Sunday? To be decided  depending on injury recovery?

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32 Responses to Peak District – April

  1. Mark says:

    This meet has been on my bucket-list for the past few years; this year, I’m going to do it! Please count me in (even if it is camping).

  2. Patrick says:

    I can make the trip but will probably be attending a conference in Manchester on the Tuesday/Wednesday so will make my own way down to the Peaks on Thursday. I should have space in the truck for passengers on the way home on Sunday if required.

  3. Ivan says:

    I’m up for this, weather permitting. I may be able to come up on Thursday to get a few bonus climbs in with you Patrick (if that works for you?), depending on family commitments. Know more closer to the time. (camping)

    • Patrick says:

      That’s fine with me Ivan. No doubt Pete and Ro would like lifts as well so I will plan to dig the top box out!

      • Patrick says:

        Ooops! Pete has just pointed out that I am at a conference in Manchester earlier in the week and will come down to the Peaks directly from there on the Thursday. I am still keen to climb on Thursday and can offer lifts back down south on Sunday if required.

  4. Matthew Lovesey says:

    I will hopefully make this trip.

  5. Hannah says:

    I’d love to come on this one, please. Won’t be camping, but staying fairly locally. Driving up Thursday, coming home Monday.

  6. Ivan says:

    I’m keen to get a guide book to whet the appetite a bit over the next month or so. I was thinking of getting Rockfax’s Eastern Grit, though depending what guide books others already have, it may be better to get something else to get a bit of variety? Let me know?

  7. Patrick says:

    I have the Rockfax guide (although it is not the latest edition) and a few older ones. The Rockfax is the one I use the most.

  8. Pete says:

    I think the club have some guidebooks on the gritstone areas (Stannage) so you could ask James Pilgrim (Gear Officer) if you can borrow it.

  9. Ivan says:

    I’ll get in touch with James and bring them up with me. I think I’ll probably buy the Rockfax one too, as it’ll come in handy.

  10. Pete says:

    So we can try and sort out car sharing, this is how I see it so far. Myself, Jon, Ivan, Matt and Ro all appear to be going Thursday – Sunday, so we will need two cars. I am happy to drive but will only be able to take 2 others, as my boot is small. Even with top box it will be tight.
    Patrick is going up earlier as he has a meeting in Manchester Tuesday & Wednesday so will be arriving on Thursday from Manchester and stay till Sunday, and will only be able to give people a lift home, not up to Hathersage.
    Hannah is going Thursday to Sunday and camping, but will travel up on her own to help with her caravan delivery. She can offer a lift back on Sunday.
    Not sure yet about Mark, as to when he is travelling and how many nights he is staying.
    Dave R May be able to attend if he is not helping in a house move.
    Charlotte may attend but can only do Friday pm to Sunday so would need a lift from someone Friday afternoon.
    I will ask everyone to confirm their plans and adjust this post to suit.
    I need to know soon as I will be booking places next week to ensure we get places at North Lees site this year.

    • Patrick says:

      Confirmed Pete. I am in a 4* hotel in Manchester from Monday to Thursday and (hopefully) the North Lees camp site from Thursday to Sunday. I can provide lifts back down on Sunday, or up on Monday as well if you are happy to spend three days in Manchester!

      • Pete says:

        I will give this kind offer a miss. 3 days in Manchester is just too much!! I don’t think your hotel would think kindly on me camping in their back garden, and I do not fancy sharing a double bed with you for 3 nights.

  11. Ivan says:

    I’m happy to catch a lift with someone or I’d be happy to drive. Unfortunately I’ve got a MX5, so whilst I could fit two people in, I doubt we’d be able to get more than one person’s kit in the boot.

  12. Pete says:

    Hi guys. Today I have booked (but not paid any deposit) 10 places at the camp site for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night under my name for Romsey Climbers. When you arrive, you will need to book in yourself, pay the campsite fee for you for the correct number of nights you are staying. There may be a fee for the car you are travelling in, so just pay this between yourselves per car and we can sort out any off-set for people arriving by themselves (Hannah and Patrick) in the pub, so that everyone pays about the same amount for the weekend. Hopefully we will be camping in the field behind the wash block if it is not already taken.

  13. Pete says:

    Hi guys, well my plan to try and minimise cars seems to have fallen flat on its face, as now we have 3 people all travelling up on their own due to other arrangements or commitments. These are:-
    Patrick (going to Manchester first then joining RoCs Thursday at campsite)
    Hannah (going up to deliver their caravan then will join RoCs Thursday at campsite). She will be picking up her daughter Cloe from Sheffield Saturday morning to join us for the weekend.
    Jon G (meeting RoCs Thursday at campsite. He is taking his bouldering matt so no more room in his car!)

    For the remainder of us, plans are as follows:-
    I am ok to travel up Thursday am and return Sunday pm with two other climbers.
    Ivan and Matt appear to be ok to join me travelling Thursday to Sunday (Matt has no car and Ivan has a two seater sports car).
    Mark will travel up Friday if his injury is sorted in time.
    Charlotte may come Friday to Sunday if she can have a lift (Mark has offered).
    Dave may come if he is free of removal duties. No times given. Lift offered (Charlotte?)
    Roland may come? No information from him so far as to if and when he is going.

    So at the moment it would appear we have a sort of a plan.
    I am happy to give a lift to Matt & Ivan on Thursday.
    Patrick, Hannah and Jon are going up alone and individually.

    Can the rest of you please sort out any lift sharing between yourselves as it is becoming a game of herding cats for me to arrange it all. Thanks, Pete

    • Patrick says:

      I am attending a work related conference in Manchester on Tuesday and Wednesday so will be driving up north on Monday and will be heading for the campsite on Thursday. Anyone interested in spending a couple of days in Manchester is welcome to a lift! There is (obviously) space in my car for the journey back down on Sunday.

  14. Roland says:

    I’m still pondering. Went for a 6k wet walk today to see what my knee would do. Neither it nor myself enjoyed the walk. Knee because it hurt and me because it was wet and bloody cold and my knee was hurting, which is attached to me so I reckon I can have two counts of misery from it!
    If I do come up and we wind up walking due to the surprisingly unpleasant weather were are getting then I may well shy off some of the walking. I’ll also be slower than most of you and I get slower the further I go but I’m sure I’ll catch up by pub-time!

    No idea if I am going up in my car or not!

    • Pete says:

      Hi Ro, thanks for the update. I will leave it to you to decide if you are going and when etc. My car is full so if you do decide to go, and not drive, you will need to cadge a lift with one of the others who may be going (Mark or Dave).

  15. Mark says:

    Once again, I’m going to have to back out as my injury shows no sign of letting me climb for the next month or more. Hope it’s a great meet!

  16. Pete says:

    It looks like we will have enough cars as everyone is travelling up alone due to various logistical reasons with the exception of myself, Matt and Ivan, who being very green minded are using one car for three people!! Just hope we can fit all the cars into the small parking area of the camp site.

  17. Jeremy Messervy says:

    I’ll be coming up for the Saturday & Sunday, driving up from Reigate so will be contributing to the parking area congestion 🙂

  18. Pete says:

    Both Dave and Charlotte are now unable to come due to other family commitments. Ro will decide at the last minute if he is fit enough due to an on going injury. So now we are 8 (or 9) in number so should be a good meet assuming the weather plays fair.

  19. Hannah says:

    What sort of time are people thinking of getting to the campsite on Thursday? And is the plan to eat at the pub every night?

  20. Pete says:

    Hi Hannah, I plan to get to the campsite about mid day, along with Matt and Ivan, traffic dependant. I believe Patrick will also be arriving at that time. I assume that Jon will also be arriving some time on Thursday.
    Who ever arrives first see the warden if she is there and decide where best to camp. I did ask if we could use the area behind the wash block on the left of the track as it is a nice area and near the facilities. If that is available that would be my first choice. If not then either to the right of the track, or in the top field. As we want to try and keep together in a group and there are 8 or 9 of us with 7 or 8 small tents we will need a reasonable area, so the right hand area may not be big enough. Just tell the warden you are with Romsey Climbers and it is booked in my name for 10 people.

  21. Pete says:

    The plan is to eat at a pub each night unless the weather turns out really nice then we could opt for a campsite meal. This will need to be discussed and organised so that the food can be purchased and we will need to buy food which can be cooked on a selection of camping stoves. As we do not have a mess tent it will only happen if it is a nice evening with no rain.
    The pub problem is that the big pub we used to walk to and use in Hathersage (Little John) has now become a local low grade pub to the state we do not use it now. The options are a small pub in the Hathersage which will need to be booked up well in advance, or other pubs further away from the campsite which require driving to.

  22. Hannah says:

    Thanks Pete, I will try and get there around the same time. Are you going to head out for a climb in the afternoon, or leave it for Friday morning?

  23. Pete says:

    Hi Hannah. Oh yes! if it is fine and we do not get delayed we will head off up to a crag (Stanage possibly, but TBD depending on who wishes to climb where) for the afternoon. Probably will not be ready to go till after lunch and after getting tents up. (2-00pm??)

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