North Wales

09/02/2018 – 11/02/2018 all-day

Meet Organiser: Pete T

We will be going as usual for the annual winter trip to Snowdonia in the hope of finding snow rather than rain (unlikely at this point in time?). We plan to camp at the frugal site at Bryn Tyrch Farm in Capel Curig, which has the advantage of being next door to the Bryn Tyrch Pub. The Bryn Tyrch site may not be ideally suited to camper vans (there should be room for one by the bunk rooms or possibly in the field with the tents?) but does have basic unheated bunk rooms and is handy for rooms in the pub for non campers. If anyone does wish to use the Pub or the off site bunkhouse next to the campsite, please make sure you book your accommodation yourselves. I will only be sorting out the campsite pitches. This meet is for the more hardy campers and the likelihood of damp cold and windy conditions is quite high. Usually we manage some mountaineering and hill walking in fairly tough winter conditions and rarely get in any rock climbing. The trip will be weather dependant and if it looks like being really foul, we will cancel at the last moment.

Members Interested in Attending:

  1. Pete T
  2. Mark G
  3. Patrick
  4. Matt
  5. Alice (Non club member)
  6. Owen (Non club member)
  7. Peter C ??
  8. Ro?

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14 Responses to North Wales

  1. Mark says:

    I’m interested, subject to the usual caveats around weather etc. Purely winter walking and the odd gully scramble though!

  2. Patrick says:

    I have now had the trip authorised so all is good. I must be bonkers though!

    • Pete says:

      Hi Patrick. We need to decide on which campsite to use. Option 1:- Wild and windy tent destroying one at Capel, has the advantage of being near to the Pub. Not sure if it is suitable for Peter if he comes along with his camper van (cheat!)
      Option 2:- the floodable site back towards Betsy we used last year. Advantage of being camper van friendly but a bit of a trek to the pub. Disadvantage we may get wet again if we have large amounts of rain, due to the site being some inches below the water table.
      My choice would be the Capel windy one.

      • Patrick says:

        Choice of camp site it tricky, we all like an indoor pool to relax in but probably not in a tent. On the other hand I am not sure if Peter could park his camper at the Bryn Tyrch site, it may be worth giving the farmer a call to see if he is OK with it. I guess there could be a relatively flat patch down at the bottom or the area where the Land Rover is usually parked.

        If we are luck we may see the odd patch of snow but the chances of it being in-condition for anything other than winter mountaineering seems low. The Ogwen Valley web cams are showing snow on the summits at the moment but I don’t think it is that thick or consolidated.

  3. Matthew Lovesey says:

    I’m interested (hard to resist with such glowing campsite reviews), but dependent in part on how technical any activities are likely to be as I have minimal winter mountain experience.

    • Pete says:

      I do not think technical comes into it as I am only good for easy gullies (grade 1 or 2) and only have a technical walking axe, not climbing axes. I think we will be doing scrambles and easy climbs if the snow is ok. Chat to Patrick about gear as he is more informed. You will need some warm snow/water proof gloves and B2 boots for crampons, plus ski goggles if the conditions get bad, plus obvious warm and snow/water proof outer gear (coat and trousers).

      • Matthew Lovesey says:

        Thanks Pete,
        I only have B1 boots/C1 crampons and walking axe, so if you reckon B2s I are necessary I might have to give it a miss this time round (unless I happen to stray into a Cotswolds in the next few weeks… which is always a possibility).

        • Patrick says:

          I would recommend a pair of stout wellington boot, or flippers and some very waterproof outer clothing, a wet suit perhaps. Joking apart your B1/C1 combination with a walking axe will be perfectly adequate for anything that we are likely to be doing. Snowdonia has not been in-condition for graded winter climbs for some time and even if it is you are not obliged to do them. Between us we do have a reasonable amount of experience of winter climbing/mountaineering and the last thing that we want to do is put anybody at risk or feel we are putting pressure on them to go beyond their comfort zone – after all we are going there to have fun! I would follow the MWIS forecasts for Snowdonia and the Ogwen Valley web cams to see what conditions are like, there is snow up there at the moment but it is anybodies guess what it will be like in a months time.

          • Pete says:

            You forgot to mention the bilge pump for emptying the tent if we use the “other” (floodable) campsite, or the hurricane force tent and 26 guy ropes if we use the Capel Curig site, and the spare tent for when either the tent is blown away and completely destroyed on a barbed wire fence, or a tent pole snaps. (when would that ever happen to experienced hardy RoCs climbers).

        • Pete says:

          B1/C1 boots and crampons will be just fine for what we will be doing. I only have B2/C2 as I was going to the Alps a few years ago. I only have a walking axe. The chances are the snow and crumbling ice will all be gone by February!!

          • Matthew Lovesey says:

            In that case I’ll come for a paddle round the campsite then! My tent is a bit ‘flappy’ in any sort of wind, so will be interesting to see how that copes…

  4. Pete says:

    After much thought, I have decided to propose using the wild and windy campsite at Bryn Tyrch Farm, next to the pub of the same name in Capel Curig, as I do not wish to spend a weekend sleeping in a shallow paddling pool. I am sure we are all well practiced in erecting, sleeping and dismantling tents in force 8 gales. I know I am. What could possibly go wrong!
    Peter is unsure of his attendance and if he does decide to join us, I am sure there is space in the field or down the bottom by the freezing bunk rooms for his camper van.

  5. Patrick says:

    Alice and Owain have confirmed that they would like to attend. Both have a lot of mountaineering experience and are great company.

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