12/04/2019 – 14/04/2019 all-day
Langstone Manor Holiday Park
Moortown, Tavistock PL19 9JZ

The camping area

Sheeps Tor

Dewerstone Rocks

Meet Organiser: Pete T.

This is a weekend trip to Dartmoor camping at Langstone Manor, near to Tavistock. Due to the popularity of the site I will be provisionally booking camping pitches in early March to secure  our spaces.  The climbing will be either at Dewerstone Rocks, Sheeps Tor (images above) or on any of the numerous Dartmoor outcrops (Hound Tor or Hay Tor for example) where there are many single and multi pitch routes of all grades, from very easy to quite tough!! This meet is ideal for beginners and the more experienced climbers so if you are new to outside rock climbing it is an ideal meet  for you. Make sure you bring suitable food and cooking gear for breakfast and also food for mid-day as there are no facilities near the climbing areas for food and drink. We will be using the bar or a pub for evening food and drink.

We will be camping at the very posh Langstone Manor camping and caravan site, Moortown PL19 9JZ about 2 miles east of Tavistock. The location is shown on the map by the Orange marker. We have used this site for many years and we know the owners very well. The facilities are excellent with good shower, toilets and washing up, clothes washing and drying, as well as an on site shop, bar, lounge and eating facilities. The site is sheltered on the western edge of Dartmoor only about 2 miles from Tavistock in the grounds of an old manor house. The contact details for the site are 01822 613371 and the owners are Jane and David. (See their website www.langstonemanor.co.uk). As well as camping, there are some wooden Pods with power and lighting for the less hardy climbers. You will still need to bring sleeping bag, mattress and cooking gear. If you wish to book a Pod, please do this yourself as I will only be booking camping places with Jane. There will probably be a deposit to be paid for a Pod, so book early to ensure a bed for the night. Be aware that if we have to cancel at the last minute due to bad weather you may loose your deposit on a Pod booking. Please let me know if you are camping or using a Pod so I know how many camping spaces to book.

We advise you also bring along wet weather walking gear in case the weather turns damp as there are many miles of Dartmoor to explore if we cannot climb. All that is required is a waterproof coat, over trousers, some walking boots and a small ruck sac for food etc.

We will be trying to car share as much as possible to save on fuel costs. Please indicate which nights you will be staying for and when you wish to travel to help arrange lifts.

Members attending are:

  1. Pete T (Camping) Friday pm to Sunday pm – 2 nights
  2. Helen (Camping) Friday pm to Sunday pm – 2 nights
  3. Matt (Camping) Thursday or Friday to Sunday pm – requires a lift! – 2 or 3 nights
  4. John K (Camping) Friday am to Sunday pm – 2 nights
  5. Patrick (Camping) Thursday am – Sunday pm – car or Bike!! – 3 nights
  6. Bradley (Camping) Saturday am – Sunday pm – 1 night
  7. Dave R (Camping) Friday am – Sunday pm – 2 nights
  8. Ro ?? B & B

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14 Responses to Dartmoor

  1. Matthew Lovesey says:

    Yes please – I have unfinished business on Route B…

  2. Helen Fry says:

    Yes please

  3. JohnK says:

    Hi Pete, Please add me to the list for this one. Thanks

  4. Patrick says:

    I am good for this one, I might do it as a motorcycle road trip again.

  5. Roland says:

    I think I’m ok for this one

  6. Pete says:

    I will be booking pitches in early March to ensure we get our usual spot in the campsite. 7 at the moment so will ask for 3 pitches for us to share.

    • Patrick says:

      I am planning to go down on the Thursday and back on the Sunday. I am considering going on the bike again but reserve the right to chicken out at the last minute and go by car instead!

  7. Matthew Lovesey says:

    Confirmation that I’d like to come, probably Fri – Sun but open to the idea of Thursday onwards if anyone can give me a lift (yes, I’m on the scrounge again 😉 ).

  8. Bradley says:

    Hi I can come to this but will be getting up early to drive down on the Saturday morning and climbing Sat/Sun.

  9. Dave Rawlinson says:

    I would like to make a provisional booking to come on this meet. If I do come then I’ll be camping on Friday and Saturday nights. I am happy to take my car and I can give a lift to at least 2, maybe 3, others.

  10. Pete says:

    I have provisionally booked for 7 of us camping with probably 2 staying Thursday – Sunday (Patrick and Matt?? assuming Patrick is taking Matt on Thursday, maybe not on the bike!) and the rest Friday – Sunday (did not bother to say about Brad only requiring 1 night). It is mainly to secure spaces. No deposits to pay. Each person will only be charged for the number of nights they stay, which I have been told by Jane is £5 a night per person!
    If anything changes I can update the campsite with numbers, nights staying etc.

  11. Dave Rawlinson says:

    Subject to good weather I shall definitely be coming on the meet. I can go on Thursday if Patrick and/or Matt want to join me in my car or I can join them.

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