Fairy Cave – April – Outdoor Novice

28/04/2019 all-day
Fairy Cave Quarry, Somerset
Limekiln Ln
Radstock BA3 5HP


Meet Organiser: John H.

This is a meet for those members who have either never climbed outdoors before or are in need of a refresher.  The meet is open to all members, but its main purpose is to encourage newer and less experienced members of the club to come along for a safe and enjoyable introduction to outdoor climbing.

The location is Fairy Cave Quarry in the Mendips, near Oakhill in Somerset.  It is around a 1 hour 40 minutes drive from Romsey so suitable for a day trip.

Members attending are:

  1. John H
  2. Mandy
  3. Pete?
  4. Patrick
  5. Matt
  6. Jim K
  7. Duncan

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7 Responses to Fairy Cave – April – Outdoor Novice

  1. Mandy Chapman says:

    Interested in this please : )

  2. Pete says:

    Possibly up for this, depending on who is going on the Sunday. I will not be going to Cheddar on the previous days. Climbed there once and it was awful!!

  3. Patrick says:

    I am good for this one.

    I don’t think that Cheddar is awful but there is not a lot of trad routes in the lower grades there. Soloing Coronation Street is not an option!

  4. Matthew Lovesey says:

    Yes please – via Cheddar meet.

  5. Jim Kearn says:

    I’d like to come along to this one please.

  6. Duncan Patient says:

    Me too.

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