Changes to Data Protection rules. PLEASE READ THIS.

There are new data protection rules which are coming into force in May 2018.  They are called the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and will replace the existing Data Protection Act. This is a new European ruling and will still apply if Brexit occurs and we leave the EU. Due to these new stricter rules we as a climbing club will no longer retain any personal details and contact information submitted by members other than the paper forms submitted by members. We will only pass this information onto the BMC for our club and BMC registration purposes. This information will be held by the BMC who will be complying with the GDPR policy and rules.

We will be issuing new documents to all members explaining the details soon. We will no longer be issuing contact details of members to any other club members as we have done in the past. If a club member wishes to pass on their contact details or address to another member, that will now be their sole responsibility to do this, not the club. We remind all members that they must not pass on any information or contact details of another club member to anyone without the specific permission of that member. If you are in possession of any of these details from previous contact lists issued by the club, please delete or destroy them unless you have permission from a club member to keep them. This is for all of us to comply with the new GDPR policy and rules as from May 2018.

As part of these changes, you will note that if you wish to post anything on the website, (after logging in with your password) you will need to tick the small box under the comments box to agree to your comment being posted, before you are able to submit your comment. This applies to all the comment boxes on the indoor and outdoor climbing pages and all the meets pages. If you forget, a message pops up to remind you to do this.

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